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Locating and Identifying your mosquito problem

  • To start, I always like to look for any noticeable standing water around the property. The mosquitos lay their eggs in or near standing water. Once the eggs are laid, most will hatch into larvae in about 48 hours. As the life cycle continues, they will hatch into an adult, stay near the water for a bit & be ready for their first blood meal in a couple days. Most mosquitos you are seeing around your house are breeding somewhere nearby. Mosquitos are very weak fliers so they tend to travel only short distances.
  • Next, I look for the more low-key areas of activity. A shady spot in the corner of the yard that collects leaves? Well, mosquitos are laying eggs on those leaves & waiting for a nice rain to come to fill the leaves with water so the eggs can mature.
  • After that, I locate any potential hangout spots. Does your neighbors fence back up to yours and leave a small gap? Perfect spot for mosquitos to hang out & avoid any wind gusts that would sweep them away. Do you have a wood deck on the patio? They’re hanging out under that.
  • Finally, I locate any drains around the property. Some builders do a shoddy job of planning drainage so the drains on the property all hold water. Remember, they can lay eggs in a bottle cap so the inch of water at the bottom of your drain is enough for them to flourish.

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